This website records the progress of the Master of Art & Design project of Anatol Bogun at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand.

The programme started on 1 March 2010 and incorporates the Postgraduate Diploma in Art & Design. The estimated duration is two years part-time study for the Postgraduate Diploma papers Research Contexts and Methods and Research Practice and one year full-time study for the Thesis year. The project should conclude late 2012.

This website attempts to demonstrate the entire development of the project through notes, theoretical and practice-based means, contextual, theoretical and methodological research procedures, visual experiments, etc, up until the final practice result and exegesis.

Working Title

Borderland: A study to visualise the blurred frontier between reality and illusion

Proposed Area of Research/Creative Work (Synopsis)

This project explores the borderland between reality and illusion and considers how this might be communicated in an animated short film. The proposed work would draw upon delusional perception and hallucination in relation to depictions of reality. Taking into account elements of art, design, film and literature the project would seek to expand the parameters of animation both narratively and audiovisually through creative synthesis, so that the subjective world of a protagonist and his shifts between self belief and self doubt, sanity and insanity are actualised in a unique but coherent way.

For a complete overview please see the original project proposal.

Anatol Bogun

Anatol Bogun

In 2004 I completed the degree of Magister (FH) for Artistic-Creative Professions at the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg, Austria. The Magister degree is a 4 year full-time course in multimedia design. In 2003 I also completed the Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia) degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) as part of an exchange programme.

I currently work for the University of Auckland as a web and multimedia designer with a strong focus on virtual learning environments and blended teaching and learning. In 2009 I won the University of Auckland General Staff Excellence Award for Excellence in Innovation.

For a complete profile and selected works please visit my portfolio and homepage.